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Smoking Addiction

Stop Smoking Now - Complete Set - 3 Recordings

"Smoking Cessation"

"The Path to a Smoke Free Life"

"Affirm your Smoke Free Success"


A life without smoking. Can you envision it? A life without the health problems, the money drain and the social stigma smokers carry. It can be yours with the help of the smokers cessation hypnotherapy mp3 - complete set by Journeys Inward Hypnosis!

Hypnosis can help smokers quit by addressing the problem at a subconscious level. With our quit smoking treatment, you can reframe your thinking so that you no longer crave cigarettes. In fact, hypnotic suggestions can make cigarettes completely undesirable. Instead of wanting them, you will want to avoid them.

This Stop Smoking MP3 will help you:

  • Make a conscious decision to choose your smoke free future.

  • Listen to affirmations to help you stay smoke free forever.

  • Allow the subconscious mind to make it easy for you.

Act Now! Download our "Stop Smoking Now - Complete Set"  Hypnosis MP3 and you can quit smoking for good!


Alcohol Addiction
Imagine feeling great without ever needing to take a drink!

Many people are prone to alcohol addiction because they use it as way to deal with uncomfortable feelings. You may find that you drink to fit in, to feel less inhibited or because it takes the “edge off” troubling emotions. If you have a serious alcohol addiction, you can easily fall into a trap that keeps you dependent on alcohol to get through life. Of course, this will end up causing more harm than good. Alcohol abuse not only takes its toll on your health but it is also very likely to destroy your relationships with the people you care about. You may even lose your job because of your drinking habit.

To deal with a drinking problem or serious addiction, you need to address the underlying reasons why you drink and became addicted. People often turn to counseling and medications to do this, but there is a more direct way to eliminate the need for alcohol, and that is to attack the problem in your subconscious mind through hypnosis. When your mind stops associating alcohol with relief from pain, you will no longer find yourself reaching for a drink to feel good or to avoid your problems.

Hypnotherapy can help you conquer alcohol addiction by teaching your subconscious mind to deal with your problems in other ways. You can use the power of hypnotic suggestion to make alcohol an undesirable substance, rather than something you reach for to feel good. Very simply, you will no longer want or need to drink once the power of hypnosis re-frames the way you think. You will be left with a lasting subconscious belief that you can handle your problems without drinking. You will also have the option of drinking in moderation without going overboard or letting alcohol control you.

This Alcohol Abuse MP3 will help you:

  • Relax and find inner peace without reaching for a drink.

  • Change the way you think about alcohol.

  • Eliminate your cravings for alcohol.


If you have an alcohol problem, download this addiction hypnotherapy MP3 and help free yourself of the hold that alcohol has had over your life! Giving up alcohol may be easier than you thought.

If you want hypnotherapy services, contact Journeys Inward Hypnosis in San Marcos, CA. We can help with natural addiction treatment.



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