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Imagine how much better your life would be if you always felt good about yourself!

We all have trouble with self-image now and then. We may say or do things that we’re not proud of or feel like we lack the social or professional skills that we would like to have. Others around us may seem more polished, more sociable or more professional, causing us to doubt ourselves from time to time. However, when self esteem and confidence issues become severe, every aspect of life can be limited.

If you struggle with low self esteem or lack of confidence, you may avoid many things that, deep down, you really want to do. Perhaps you avoid trying for a higher-level job or even offering to take on more responsibility at work. As a result, your career suffers. You might avoid asking someone out or dating someone who asks you out because you are so terrified of making a fool of yourself. So your love life suffers as well. You may not even want to go out with friends, and when you do, you are so anxious that you just don’t have fun. Your social life is also suffering.

If you struggle with self esteem and confidence issues, you need to find things in your life you can be proud of, and you need to believe that you are someone that other people like and want to spend time with. We all have something to offer the world. The only difference between people with confidence and those with low self esteem is that confident people know and believe this. What do you have to offer?

If your confidence and self esteem need a boost, try hypnotherapy. You can change your beliefs about yourself at a subconscious level and begin to act with more confidence and inner strength. Before you know it, feeling good about yourself will be natural, and you will begin to enjoy life much more. Journeys Inward Hypnosis’s self esteem therapy can help you today.

This Self Hypnosis MP3 will

  • Help you change your beliefs about yourself so you will feel more confident.

  • Allow you to get in touch with all of the things in your life you can be proud of.

  • Teach you to feel better about yourself.

  • Give you the tools you need to feel more relaxed in social situations.

Download this hypnosis MP3 and start building your self-confidence today! We can also help you with phobias or hypnosis for weight loss to feel even better in your own skin.



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Customer Feedback:


“.....obviously is "working" because there are things I wouldn't be able to “pull off" if I had not listened to the MP3.  I have joined a Club....have met many people....making new friends. It is helping me to get back to who I once was!  ALSO....with the MP3.....they are always there for me, when I can't afford a therapist I feel I always have help just there at my fingertips."

- S.E.L. Massachusetts


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